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Hanum's Home Gourmet - A Growing Household Name

Hanum's has become a household brand in every Malaysian home. Our products are able to make the Malaysian and International consumers fall in love with Malaysia's traditional cuisine. As a growing brand name, Hanum's is on a continuous challenge to provide and consistently deliver the highest quality products to the Malaysian and International consumers. We are continuously trying to grow our market share and applying the latest technological advancements in order to produce the best kind of food products. We are still riding a moving train towards local and global success.

To get the most out of local Malaysian cuisine, most often, it is time consuming and troublesome, as to the ingredients used are a wide variety. It is therefore not convenient to cook daily as time is of the essence. Our Ready to Eat products are most suitable for consumers looking for halal fast-food that is of high quality and homemade food. The packaging and the convenience that we offer will also attract interests from NGOs involved in the supply of food aid to the poor & needy and victims of natural disaster. With that in mind we established our company in 2019, with a goal to liberate the standard food for charity to not only be healthy, but also taste good. With UNSDG goals in mind, we created our flagship brand to appeal to all walks of life in order to promote healthy and delicious eating to all without the hassle of cooking the old way.